Welcome to The Punky Family.

We are a political parenting group based in the UK.

TO REQUEST TO JOIN THIS GROUP please request here and then fill out our Google form here https://forms.gle/ickdCyrAqrgZiH228

If you are having an issue reading or accessing the form, please send us a message.

The Punky Family is not like other parenting groups and we expect our members to be a part of our community and stand by our feminist ethos. Yes, we talk about our kids, but that is a small part of who we are.  

We believe in equality, for all women (including trans women) and non-binary people. We believe Black lives matter, there is no ethical consumption under capitalism and that diet talk is toxic.

We expect that as a member, you won’t ever post anything hateful, that you will listen to marginalised voices, lived experiences and be open to learning.

We work hard to make sure our members feel protected and can call this place home.

We want to talk about new bath toys for your baby and the nearest protest your family can attend.

If you don't believe that white privilege exists, all bodies are good bodies or that climate change is real, this group is absolutely NOT FOR YOU.

If you do stand by that ethos, then please fill out our Google form and we will get you approved into the community. We can't wait to get to know you.


Find us on Instagram too @thepunkyfamily 


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