5 Random Acts Of Kindness You Can Do In Covid Times

We may be confined to our homes, but we can still try and spread some kindness out into the world.
Here are a few to get you going for #RandomActsOfKindnessDay
1. Message a friend. Send someone a message telling them something nice about themselves. Call a single parent/person to check in on them/just to have a conversation.
2. Do you have a printer? See if families without printers/technology need homework printing off or something similar.
3. Donate to a local food bank, baby bank, women's shelter, etc. Find out if your local hospital or care homes have wish lists you could donate and/or share locally to.
4. Check in with the elderly and vulnerable people in your life, neighbours, etc. Write a letter to an elderly or lonely person.
Volunteer to deliver food parcels / help with shopping for vulnerable people. Volunteer to drive elderly / vulnerable people to vaccination clinics.
5. Last but not least, take care of you. Treat yourself. You should be the first stop in where you spread your acts of kindness too.
Got any to share? We want to see them at #punkyRAOK
Thanks @fjoh_ @adalovelace_x @_josielg @littleteakate for helping to create this list.
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