Why we deleted 95% of our merch

Today, we deleted 33 items from our online shop. 

The reason? They are not the same sized products. 

This pic is from a lifetime ago. One of our first ever photoshoots with @stateofloveandtrustalex of the shirts we created and were so proud of.

I didn't know design and so I had my (at the time) teenage sister @margohera help me create some logos and another UK pal @emmameandyou create something "simple" so I could get some merch made.

When we open back up after Christmas, we will only be selling boxy T-shirts and hoodies as that is the only thing we can guarantee we can carry to 5XL.

Of course, we will also still carry KIDS and all our pins, patches, totes and mugs.

We are not sad about it, don't worry. We are EXCITED for this future. We want to stay as inclusive as we can in everything that we do. If we can't offer something for everyone, we don't want to have it.

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