• Why we deleted 95% of our merch

    Why we deleted 95% of our merch
    Today, we deleted 33 items from our online shop.  The reason? They are not inclusive sized products.  This pic is from a lifetime ago. One of our first ever photoshoots with @stateofloveandtrustalex of the shirts we created and were so proud of.I didn't know design and so I had my (at the time) teenage sister @margohera help me create some logos and another UK pal @emmameandyou create something "simple" so...
  • Punky Winter Appeal

    Punky Winter Appeal
    So this idea came to a few members after the recent funding cuts for school provided meals during school breaks. Every year as a community, we have been wanted to do something around Christmas time, figure a way to give back to our members financially to give them a little cushion. We have had many RAOK posts and financial gifts before but we thought...
  • Winter Virtual Market

    Winter Virtual Market
    Welcome to the Winter Virtual Market hosted by The Punky Family The event took place in a pop-up group that was open on 12th November   I WANT TO BE A SELLER Currently closed for signups! BUT You can register here for more info for our next one   FULL LIST OF INDIE SHOPS PARTICIPATING   Appolinare Unique statement earrings, necklaces, bracelets and accessories in Madras...
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